Thursday, May 28, 2009


Since almost half the year is over and the second bit goes in a bit of rush as you wait for that first Christmas commercial. Time to review the To Do list for the year.

Learn French – Check

Learn to cook – Check

Start business – Check

Stop chewing nails – Partial Check (I’m still chewing one thumb and two pinkies)

The others I haven’t got to but I did start an etsy shop. I’m a third of the way through the Pimsleur Speak and Read Essential French, and my cooking has improved so much I’m even eating it.

I am still killing my plants though, but despite my efforts, the garden is looking quite healthy and I get my fair share of praying mantis, ladybird and hadedah visitors.

All the health related resolutions have fallen by the wayside, I spent my last two hundred on a carton of Stuyvesants today, and I’m still using my weights to keep the door from closing.

Ah well, four our of ten aint bad, and I’ve still got 7 months to go.

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