Friday, June 19, 2009



News today is that the lion breeders have appealed against the ban on canned lion hunting so they can keep the scam going until they dispose of the “stock” they have on hand. They are threatening to “dump” the cubs already in the pipeline and so take the entire South African tourist industry hostage to protect their own interests.

How the scam works is this : Poor country, dollars, piece of land out in the sticks and one or two lions. Ergo, large number of cubs lovingly cultivated until they are large enough to be released in an enclosure with a fat foreign tourist and a gun. The fees are astronomical, and in some countries, if the corpse is donated to a spurious museum, the hunter takes a tax break as well. The quality of the gene pool is of no consequence since they are being bred to be shot, so mothers are bred to sons with the only criterion being a lovely big mane that will look good on the wall. Hardly what one would call conservation!

If you think this sucks as much as I do, go here. The NSPCA agrees in theory, but often need prodding with a sharp stick before they do anything.

I say let's call their bluff, let them dump all those lion cubs, the people that care in South Africa will band together and find homes for all of them.

I'll take one or two myself. Sod them, greedy bastards. Find another line of work.

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