Sunday, July 12, 2009


I think we can all agree these are the most irritating things Joburg drivers do :

1. Reversing along the highway’s emergency lane after missing an off-ramp.

2. Ignoring the ’four-way stop rule’ when traffic lights aren’t working.

3. Drivers who perform U-turns on the highway (crossing the middle strip and turning into the fast-lane in the opposite direction) to avoid traffic jams.

4. Straddling lanes or the solid white line when driving around a corner.

5. Speaking/SMS-ing on a cellphone while driving.

6. Tailgating and headlight flashing.

7. Stopping halfway into an intersection when waiting for the green light.

8. Turning in front of oncoming traffic cars at intersections.

9. Performing U-turns and 3-point turns in the middle of intersections.

10. Throwing rubbish out car windows.

More bad habits.

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