Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm designing the toy characters from my novel Nids Love Big Eyes, which you can read free and for nothing over here. It's about an anarchic group of animals whose contented existence is threatened by the arrival of the Nids, that's Hominids, ie. human beings. Humans as seen by animals is what it's about, and it might surprise you.

In designing the animals, I started with the bush baby, because bush babies are really off the scale in terms of cute, those big eyes again. I started with a monkey body, and a bear head with the snout made shorter and well as you can see. Fit only for Regretsy. Back to the drawing board....

The cutitude was improving, but the hands were creepy, which in fact they are in real life.

Et voila, as they say, this one is pretty cute, although my photography skills leave much to be desired.

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